‘Title’ by Meghan Trainer

Title by Meghan Trainer is her incredible debut album, Meghan is an American singer-songwriter. She was part of a band called Island Fusion and was in a jazz band in High School. Meghan started singing at the age of 6 and started her song writing career when she was just 11. Her most well-known song ‘All About That Bass’ has won a Grammy Award, nominations for the best record and song of the year. There is also ‘Lips Are Moving’ which became her consecutive single to reach the Top 5 in Australia and on the U.S Billboard Hot 100 where it reached number 3 and 4. It also became Meghan’s third top ten hit in New Zealand, it reached number 5. Her album also includes Dear Future Husband, 3am, Bang Dem’ Sticks and Close Your Eyes, these are just some of the fabulous songs on Meghan Trainor’s debut album. She’s only 21, think of what other amazing things Meghan Trainor could do in the future!

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Taylor swift is a talented singer song writer that started out her career, in country music, when she was 16 after moving to Nashville. Taylor swift is known for her chart topping break up songs, but she is also one of the best songwriters of her generation. Taylor’s debut album was called ‘Taylor swift’ and had some amazing songs including Tim McGraw, Teardrops On My Guitar and Our Song. Next for her was her 2nd album ‘Fearless’ which contained the hit Love Story and Forever and Always. Next ‘Speak Now’ along with songs such as Story Of Us, Mean and Mine. Then next, there was ‘Red’ the amazing album that came out in 2012 and has some of the most well known Taylor swift songs, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, I Knew You Were Trouble and 22. Finally, ‘1989’ her latest album turned her country style to pop princess, with no.1 Shake It Off and Welcome To New York, Blank Space, Style and Out Of The Woods, these are just the first 5 brilliant songs. What is next for this 25 year old chart topper?

My book review of Kensukes kingdom by Michael Morpurgo

This is my book review of Kensuke’s Kingdom it is one of the best books that I have read. Michael Morpurgo is a very talented author and has inspired hundreds around the world.

This book has a lot of courageous characters like Michael, Kensuke, Stella (the dog), Mum, Dad, Barnacle Bill, Grandma, the killer men, Orangutans and the Gibbons. Michael is the main character he is a young boy who loves football and he has his own team called the Mudlarks. Then there’s Kensuke who is introduced later in the book, he is a 75 year old man who is from Japan. He was in the Navy and is from Nagasaki.

It all starts when Mum and Dad both lose their jobs, so dad goes looking for a job and they end up sailing around the world on a yacht called the Peggy Sue. They visit lots of different countries and they played football in Brazil. One night Michael was on deck controlling the boat, when his parents were sleeping, Stella got close to the edge and Michael went to grab her. Then suddenly he found himself in the deep sea. When he woke up he was laying on the shore of a tropical island. He made himself at home in a cave and when he woke up in the morning there was fresh fish, red bananas and a bowl of fresh water. He was not alone…

I think that this book is amazing and takes the gold medal in my book Olympics. It takes you through a rollercoaster of emotions. I would recommend this book to people 7+. I would give this book a 5 star because it takes you along with it all the way through the book.